Nepalese Representative in Lhasa, Major Bista, seated in a rattan chair with Reginald Fox (in Tibetan dress), Tsoko (a Tibetan official) and Ditta Sahib, in a three-piece suit. There is a framed photograph of the 13th Dalai Lama on the wall.
Date: between 1948 and 1950.
Tsoko, a Tibetan official in the middle of the back row, was awarded the rank of Colonel by the Tibet Military Region in the 1950s because he belonged to “a person who has made great contributions to Annexation of Tibet”, and served as the mayor of Lhasa and the vice chairman of the People’s Committee of the Autonomous Region. He waited for official positions, but was fought badly during the Cultural Revolution. When he was fighting, the top hat wrote: “Totally overthrow the bull, the ghost, the snake, and the Mi’ai Triko Dhondup Tsering” (“Mi’ai” is Tibetan, which means bad guy) , and later died in depression.

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