The Monastery of Rechungphug clinging to the hillside on different levels. This hillside separates the Yarlung and Chonggye valleys.
It was founded in the 14th century during the period of the first Dalai Lama, and was expanded during the period of the fifth, seventh and eighth Dalai Lamas. It forms a large-scale architectural complex with both temples and palaces, and monks’ houses and palaces.

The main Temple building is in the Centre of the image. It has a verandah and textile awning. The other buildings are monks’ quarters and storage rooms. It holds the relic of what local caretakers claim is Milarepa’s walking staff.
Before 1959, there were about 600 monks and the Monastery had a set of manuscripts “Kanjur” and “Tanjur”. There are 70 pillars in the main hall (12 long pillars and 58 short pillars),…it was demolished in 1962, and there are no cultural relics in it, only ruins and walls.” “Although the original building of the temple was completely destroyed, the original temple The lama built a new hall in 1985 with the support of the public.”

However, on the Chinese Internet, there is almost no information about the destruction of Rechungphug Temple in 1962. Instead, it was mentioned in a vague way: “It was demolished during a special period”, “The temple was destroyed due to historical reasons, and was later rebuilt with funds raised by religious believers.” Both the Zi Palace and the Riwu Deqing Monastery were destroyed”. In fact, many ruins can still be seen today, just like in various places in Tibet.

Here’s Rechungpa in a relatively recent mural at Sekhar Guthok, Milarepa’s 9-storied tower in Lhodrak.


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