Together, let’s unite our voices for human rights and stand up against impunity. Every life deserves dignity and protection.

Let us raise our voices against the injustice of enforced disappearances in Tibet. Together, we can raise awareness, demand accountability, and support the rights and dignity of Tibetans. Enforced disappearances are a grave violation of Human Rights. In Tibet, many Tibetans have been forcibly abducted or detained by Chinese authorities for their activism, religious beliefs, or simply expressing their cultural identity.

Families and loved ones of the disappeared  Tibetans live in constant anguish, not knowing the fate or whereabouts of their dear ones. The psychological and emotional toll of such uncertainty is immeasurable.

Without the political will to make peace, the prospect of large numbers of refugees returning home in the near future will remain out of reach. We must change the global trends of conflicts Rights are human rights!

Chinese authorities’ policy of suppressing dissent and stifling Tibetan culture has led to a pattern of enforced disappearances. Many of those who disappear are often subjected to torture and other forms of ill-treatment while in custody.

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