Milarepa (1052-1135) was a renowned Tibetan poet and yogi, a primary pupil of Marpa the translator, and a mentor to both Rechungpa and Gampopa. It’s possible to date the original painting to the fourteenth century.

Starting at the top right corner and moving to the left are the primordial Buddha Vajradhara, the Indian Adepts Tilopa and Naropa, the Tibetan translator Marpa Chokyi Lodro, the two meditational deities Sahaja Heruka Chakrasamvara and Vajravarahi, and AmitabhaBuddha

Below those and descending on the right are the wisdom deity Manjushri, the Indian adept and king Indrabhuti, Dombi Heruka, Shavaripa, Kukkuripa, the wrathful deity Achala, and the female Buddha Green Tara. Descending on the left are Chaturbhuja Avalokiteshvara, Medicine Buddha, and Shakyamuni Buddha with the Indian Pandita Nagarjuna on the right and the abbot of Vikramashila monastery Atisha on the left, with three Indian Adepts below.

Below those is the Goddess of the Dawn, Marichi, yellow, with three faces, the main face yellow, the right white, and the left that of a slightly angry sow. With six hands the three right hold a vajra, arrow, and needle. The left-hand holds a branch of the Ashoka tree, a bow, and thread.

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