On the occasion of an official review of Tibetan troops, representatives of the British Mission and Tibetan officials, including Prime Minister Yapshi Langdun, the Chikyak Khenpo, and Norbhu Dhondup, assembled at Trapshi barracks.
“Official Review of Tibetan Troops”
Biographical Information: From left to right Colonel Philip Neame, Hugh Richardson, the Tibetan Prime Minister (Yabshi Langdün), a monk official, and Norbhu Dhondup (Tibetan advisor to the Mission) in a monastic courtyard in Lhasa. Richardson had served as a British Trade Agent at #Yatung but joined the 1936 Gould Mission to Lhasa and served as a representative of the British Government when Gould left. Colonel Neame’s role in the 1936 Mission was to assess the military capabilities of the Tibetans.
Though his report on the Tibetan army was scathing, he spent a great deal of time in Lhasa discussing potential improvements with Tibetan officials. The British also courted the attention of the Tibetan Prime Minister (Yabshi Langdün) who was a nephew of the 13th Dalai Lama.

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