Many articles aim to clarify misconceptions about Tibet’s status during the Ming Dynasty, drawing on reliable and official Chinese documents. This sharply contrasts with the narrative promoted in some modern Chinese texts.

A key figure in compiling the ‘Historical Atlas of China’ is highlighted as a reputable scholar prioritizing academic integrity over personal gain. His work is endorsed and valued by significant Chinese political figures of the time. The assertion that Tibet was a part of the Ming Empire lacks support from the most authoritative Ming Dynasty records available. Tibet was considered a foreign entity, not a Ming territory. Such clarity is essential in discussions about Tibet’s historical status, helping to rectify misconceptions and promote a truthful representation of Sino-Tibetan history. Historical truth matters. Let’s continue to explore and share verified historical facts to combat misinformation and promote informed discussions.

We encourage our followers & readers to not blindly trust any claims-whether from CCP publication or other book publications-and to verify the historical materials cited using the original texts.

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